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Glossing Ancient Languages

Glossing of Heinrich Brugsch (1855)

This is an open access forum on recommendations for the Interlinar Morphemic Glossing (IMG) of ancient languages.

Please feel free to contribute to or comment on existing pages and/or create new pages without login account. We appreciate your input. Your changes are logged under your IP address. Alternatively, you can ask for a named login account so that your changes appear under your own name.

General recommendations

Glossing of Jean François Champollion (1836-1841)
Modern glossing of same passage

Specific recommendations for different languages

  • Glossing Akkadian: Form examples and hints.
  • Ancient Egyptian
    • Glossing Earlier Egyptian (Old Egyptian/Middle Egyptian): Form examples and hints.
    • Glossing Late Egyptian: Form examples (in preparation) and hints.
    • Glossing Demotic: Form examples (Please contribute) and hints.
    • Glossing Coptic: Form examples (in preparation) and hints.
  • Glossing Ancient Greek: Form examples (in preparation) and hints.
  • Glossing Hittite: Form examples and hints.

In order to create a new page for another language, please follow these instructions.

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