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State: in discussion
Stable ID English German French MET-Nr. Comments
MAT_0000 (unbestimmt)
MAT_0009 (anderes)
MAT_0100 Bein / Knochen
MAT_0200 Holz
MAT_0201 Holz, Rinde
MAT_0300 Keramik / Ton
MAT_0310 Keramik / Ton, gebrannte Keramik
MAT_0320 Keramik / Ton, Terra sigillata
MAT_0330 Keramik / Ton, ungebrannter Ton
MAT_0400 Leder
MAT_0500 Metall
MAT_0510 Metall, Blei
MAT_0520 Metall, Bronze
MAT_0530 Metall, Eisen
MAT_0540 Metall, Gold
MAT_0550 Metall, Silber
MAT_0600 Palmrippe
MAT_0700 Papier
MAT_0710 Papier, Hadernpapier
MAT_0800 Papyrus
MAT_0900 Pergament
MAT_1000 Stein
MAT_1010 Stein, Calzit-Alabaster
MAT_1020 Stein, Kalkstein
MAT_1030 Stein, Magmatisches Gestein
MAT_1031 Stein, Magmatisches Gestein, Granit
MAT_1040 Stein, Sandstein
MAT_1050 Stein, Schiefer
MAT_1100 Textil
MAT_1200 Wachs



Further, unpublished lists from the Thesaurus Linguae Aegyptia and Berliner Papyrusdatenbank.