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Group seminar of the SEM group for the Winter Semester 2021/22

Thursdays at 15:00 in the Denklabor (3'116) and via Zoom

Presentations should not last longer than 30 min.

Date Speaker Title Comment
20.10.2021 Christoph Update on current projects
27.10.2021 Tolga Wagner Interference Gating - A New Way for Time-Resolved Electron Holography (guest from TU Berlin)
03.11.2021 Alberto Eljarrat EELS characterization for HIOS
11.11.2021 Holm Status of TEM/STEM JEOL JEM2200FS
18.11.2021 Ondrej Krivanek Current problems being tackled at Nion
25.11.2021 Ulrich Starke SFB951 Colloquium
. Claudia Draxl SFB951 Colloquium
02.12.2021 Renske van der Veen tba.
09.12.2021 Karl Härtel Strategies for overcoming ill-conditionedness and local optima in derivative-based ptychography algorithms Bachelor thesis defence
. Noa_h Dasch The influence of van der Waals effects on electron microscopy simulations obtained from electrostatic potentials of graphene systems computed by density functional theory Bachelor thesis defence
16.12.2021 Alexander Holleitner SFB951 Colloquium
. Stefan Hecht SFB951 Colloquium
13.01.2022 Sherjeel TBA
. Felix Update Master Thesis
20.01.2022 Marcel Schloz Advances in Ptychography with a focus on low-dose and 3D applications
27.01.2022 Alexey Chernikov SFB951 Colloquium
. Emil List-Kratochvil SFB951 Colloquium
28.01.2022 Jie Application of deep learning method in analyzing electron diffraction data Master thesis defense
10.02.2022 Johannes Progress update on various projects
. Maurice Haffner Machine Learning for automated analysis of S/TEM images Bachelor thesis defense
17.02.2022 Ines tba
24.02.2022 Hannah Nerl Tuning and mapping polaritons in heterostructures
. Gerardo Phase reconstruction and spectroscopy of atoms and molecules in and on graphene using advanced EM techniques
03.03.2022 Meng Zhao Partially coherent raytracing simulations of multi-lens optical systems Defense master thesis
10.03.2022 Tom Pekin Adorym/Ptychography Updates
17.03.2022 Benedikt Momentum- and Energy-Resolved STEM
24.03.2022 Simon Barg Ultrafast Electron Diffraction of Molecules Defense of Bachelor Thesis
. Patrick-Nigel Hildebrandt Time-, momentum- and towards branch-resolved phonon dynamics in MoS2 Defense of Master Thesis
31.03.2022 Theresa Ober Image processing methods for quantitative convergent-beam electron diffraction pattern comparison Defense of Bachelor Thesis