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Group seminar of the SEM group.

WiSe 2020/21: Thursdays at 15:00 via zoom

Date Speaker Title Comment
22.10.2020 SFB Colloquium
29.10.2020 Marcel Adaptive Ptychography
05.11.2020 Christoph Current Funding and Projects
12.11.2020 Hrvoje Petek & Caterina Cocchi "Nonlinear plasmonic photoemission" & "Ultrafast electron and vibrational dynamics in hybrid materials from first principles" (SFB event, 15:15)
19.11.2020 Gerardo Algara-Siller Past, present and future research (Self-introduction) 15:30
26.11.2020 Constanza Toninelli & Christoph T. Koch (SFB event, 15:15)
03.12.2020 Holm Quantitative EDXS analysis
10.12.2020 Sherjeel IT Infrastructure for Microscopy Data
17.12.2020 Patrick Time- and momentum-resolved phonon dynamics of MoS2 & black posphorus (Progress)
07.01.2021 Zdravko Template-free detection and classification of membrane-bound complexes in cryo-ET
14.01.2021 Benedikt Misc. Results
21.01.2021 Wouter TBA
28.01.2021 Johannes Progress update
04.02.2021 Tom EXELFS of HEAs or assorted topics
Zhao Meng Simulation of coherent and partially coherent imaging
11.02.2021 Alberto TBA: This-semester Balance of my Advances, a progress update
Christian Preparation of human Enamel for characterization by electron microscopy
18.02.2021 Konstantin Structure Reconstruction of Amorphous Materials from TEM Images (Master Thesis Defence)
25.02.2021 Sam Status Update - Retrieval of Structure Factors from LARBED data
25.02.2021 Chen Jie Progress of Master Project
11.03.2021 Markus Kühbach prior work at RWTH Aachen & MPIE
18.03.2021 TEM Workshop HU-FHI-IKZ 18.3. & 19.3.
25.03.2021 Zdravko tbd
01.04.2021 Fabian Defense of Master thesis