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Group seminar of the SEM group.

Group seminar WS2018/19: Thursdays at 15:00 in room 3'116 (Denklabor)

Date Speaker Title
25.10.2018 C. Koch Information on ongong projects etc.
01.11.2018 W. Van den Broek Measuring momentum resolved EELS
08.11.2018 J. Müller Custom camera stage in the SEM and other projects
15.11.2018 H. Kirmse Optimizing experimental parameters for analytical TEM
22.11.2018 Egbert Zojer The impact of polar layers on the electronic properties of organic/inorganic hybrid interfaces (HIOS Colloquium I)
Stefan Kirstein HIOS based on nanotubular J-aggregates (HIOS Colloquium II)
29.11.2018 Alexey Chernikov Exciton physics of 2D semiconductors (Special HIOS COlloquium, IRIS)
13.12.2018 Tobias Voß Semiconductor nanowires for 3D nano-LEDs and hybrid optoelectronic devices (HIOS Colloquium)
20.12.2018 R. Pennington PRIMES - Algorithmic Advancements and Challenges
27.12.2018 (Christmas break)
03.01.2019 (Christmas break)
10.01.2019 B. Haas Transmission-SEM Based Materials Characterization - Advantages and Limitations
17.01.2019 T. Pekin Something interesting from my last four months
24.01.2019 A. Eljarrat EELS results, updates and advances.
31.01.2019 (cancelled)
07.02.2019 M. Schloz Deep Reinforcement Learning for Adaptive Sensing in Ptychography
14.02.2019 F. Peschel Defense of Bachelor thesis: Rekonstruktion der Struktur amorpher Materialien aus Elektronenbeugungsdaten
21.02.2019 M. Huang Systematic investigation of the inline holography reconstruction via FRWR
28.02.2019 (Verabschiedung Eva Oehlschlegel)
07.03.2019 T. Wieland defense of Master thesis
14.03.2019 S. Fairman Crystallography and Beam Sensitive Materials in the SEM
21.03.2019 Z. Kochovski cryo-EM