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Group seminar of the SEM group.

SoSe 2021: Wednesdays at 10:30 via zoom

Date Speaker Title Comment
15.04.2021 Christoph Current Funding and Projects
22.04.2021 Andrey Turchanin 2D inorganic and organic materialsand their hybrids for implementation inelectronic and photonic devices SFB951-Colloquium
Andreas Knorr A theoretical approach to interfacial charge andenergy transfer: atomically thin semiconductorsfunctionalized withgraphene,metalnanoparticlesand dyemolecules SFB951-Colloquium
29.04.2021 Ines Effect of Heat Treatment and Uniaxial Stress on the Microstructure of an Al-Cu-Li Alloy
05.05.2021 (no presentation this week) PICO conference
12.05.2021 Christoph Report from PICO conference
19.05.2021 Alberto Quantitative EELS analysis from recent experiments at Nion HERMES
26.05.2021 Group discussion
27.05.2021 Paul Blom tba SFB951-Colloquium
Dieter neher tba SFB951-Colloquium
02.06.2021 Benedikt Live 4D-STEM Processing for Efficient Series Registration
09.06.2021 Tom A comparison of filtered and unfiltered data for ptychography
16.06.2021 Sherjeel Progress update
17.6.2021 Paul Blom tba SFB951-Colloquium
Kurt Busch tba SFB951-Colloquium
23.06.2021 Johannes Progress update
30.06.2021 Marcel t.b.a.
07.07.2021 Gerardo t.b.a
Franziska Voigt Master project update
14.07.2021 Sam Gaussian Processes for LARBED
Jie Chen Master project update
21.07.2021 (Christoph n/a)
28.07.2021 Felix Master Thesis Update
04.08.2021 Tom Interesting M&M talks
11.08.2021 Markus FAIRmat/Metadata,Tools progress update
18.08.2021 Christoph Introduction to elabFTW
25.08.2021 MC2021 conference in Vienna (virtual)
01.09.2021 QSORT conference (virtual)
08.09.2021 Christoph Information zu Raumaufteilung der AG-SEM
13.09.2021 (Monday) BBQ jointly with the Catlab team
23.09.2021 (Thursday) Manuel Längle (Uni Vienna) Two-Dimensinal Noble Gas Crystals and the CANVAS system time: 13:00
29.09.2021 [FAIR-DI conference]
06.10.2021 group discussion
13.10.2021 [no seminar] (Christoph n/a)