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Group seminar of the SEM group.

SoSe 2020: Thursdays at 15:00 via zoom or in Denklabor

Date Speaker Title Comment
23.04.2020 Moritz Blender Introduction II
30.04.2020 Moritz Blender Animationen
07.05.2020 Christoph Status of project proposals
14.05.2020 Holm EDXS analysis of SiGeSn layers - pitfalls and solution
21.05.2020 Holiday (Ascension day)
28.05.2020 Alberto Full-range EELS analysis in the age of the direct detector
04.06.2020 conference
11.06.2020 Fabian Structure reconstruction with Bayesian Optimization
Sam Overview of Gaussian Processes
19.06.2020 Johannes New results from the SEM Friday, 11:00
25.06.2020 Tom tba
02.07.2020 Sherjeel tba
09.07.2020 Marcel Reconstruction improvement through autoencoders
16.07.2020 Benedikt Phonon Dispersion Tomography, Cryo Vibrational EELS, and more
Konstantin Structure reconstruction of amorphous materials from TEM images (Forschungsbeleg)
23.07.2020 Wouter Regularized EELS deconvolution