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Group seminar of the SEM group.

Group seminar SoSe 2019: Thursdays at 15:00 in room 3'116 (Denklabor)

Date Speaker Title Comment
11.04.2019 B. Haas Discussion of Nion visit.
18.04.2019 C. Koch Status update on projects, etc.
25.04.2019 Milan Kivala From Simple Triarylamines to Functional Heteroaromatic Scaffolds SFB Colloquium
02.05.2019 H. Kirmse Working Safety Instructions and more
09.05.2019 H. Funk tba
16.05.2019 T. Pekin Results from Nion visit
23.05.2019 Gregory D. Scholes Probing Ultrafast Chemical Dynamics Inspired by the Rhythms of Fireflies SFB Colloquium
29.05.2019 (Farewell party for Peter Schäfer) WEDNESDAY
06.06.2019 A. Eljarrat TBA (Results from nion)
13.06.2019 W. Van den Boek Bias in ptychography reconstructions
20.06.2019 No Seminar (Prof. Koch in Japan) Still cake by Robert
27.06.2019 M. Schloz TBA Cantuccini tasting
04.07.2019 J. Müller New results from the SEM with the Diffraction Stage
30.07.2019 R. Pennington (TUESDAY) TBA (PolaRIS-3D + Extension, Summary)
22.08.2019 S. Fairman TBA