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Group seminar of the SEM group for the Summer Semester 2022

Thursdays at 14:00 or 15:00 in the Denklabor (3'116) and via Zoom

Presentations should target at approx 30 min.

Date   Speaker Title Comment
21.04.2022  Christoph Koch Update on people and projects 
. Michaela Muehlberg How to publish with impact CRC951 Special Colloquium (15:15)
28.04.2022  Sam Fairman Large-angle rocking-beam electron diffraction  at 14:00
  .        Franziska Voigt Decomposition of the Modulation Transfer Function into Shape Errors    Defense Master thesis (Zoom), time: 16:30
. Misha Bonn Charge Transfer and Mobility in Novel (Hybrid) Materials CRC951 Colloquium (15:15)
. Julia Stähler Dynamic screening of quasiparticles in WS2 monolayers CRC951 Colloquium (16:00)
05.05.2022  Benedikt Haas Energy resolved 4D-STEM and collaborative projects at 15:00
12.05.2022   - no seminar -   PICO Conference
16.05.2022 Andrea Konečná Electron beam shaping using optical fields Monday, 15:00
19.05.2022  Alexey Erko Light element analysis with the novel wavelength-dispersive soft X-ray spectrometer 14:00
  .        Manish Chhowalla Emergent Devices Enabled by van der WaalsContacts on 2D Transition Metal Dichalcogenides CRC951 Colloquium (15:15)
. Stefan Kirstein 2D materials on mica and molecular liquid layers:strain vs. charge doping CRC951 Colloquium (16:00)

(Mo) 15:30

Evelyn Stangneth Improving contrast and resolution in electron ptychography of macromolecules in vitreous ice Defense Bachelor thesis

(different time & day!)

26.05.2022   - no seminar -  (Christi Himmelfahrt)
02.6.2022 Holm Kirmse Measurement of electron dose in the JEOL 2200FS 14:00

discussion of group excursion

09.06.2022    FONDA Retreat
16.06.2022  Zdravko Kochovski   Cryo-electron microscopy for the study of sensitive battery materials 14:00
  .         Gerardo Algara-Siller Experiments SALVE microscope at 60 kV (Graphene and Co.)
23.06.2022  Johannes   Progress update 14:00
  .        Natalie Banerji     CRC951 Colloquium (15:15)
. Norbert Koch CRC951 Colloquium (16:00)
30.06.2022  Patrick Dieu  (Forschungsbeleg) 14:00
  .        Markus Kühbach FAIRmat/NeXus application definitions, tools update 15:00
07.07.2022  Marcel Schloz Multifocus Ptychography 14:00
14.07.2022  Tom Pekin Is Adorym ready for general use? 14:00
21.07.2022  Sherjeel Shabih   TBA