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see, ask Serenella for specifics and forms.

Weeks/months before the travel

You first need to fill a travel authorisation request BEFORE you go on travel. (If you do not, the insurance may not pay if you have an accident). Fill the form and get it signed from Matthew and Oded. You can see there is a PSP space, here you need to clarify with Oded which project funding will overtake the costs.

If you want to book a flight through the HU travel office (the invoice will be send to us) please contact:

Reisebüro Reiseland GmbH (Rudi-Dutschke-Str. 9, 10969 Berlin)

  E-Mail: [[1]]

  Tel. (030) 315 984 19

  Tel. (030) 315 984 16

During and After the travel

Please keep all invoices and bills and forward them together with the proof of payment to Serenella.

If you would like to receive a per diem/subsistence there is an extra yellow form I will provide you when you will be back


see to download forms, it may be in your project repo if you are using gin-tonic.