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When you need something, put the order in Quartzy, then senior post-docs (Albert, Tim, Mostafa, Robert or Julia) or Matthew approve the order, Oded places the order in the HU system afterwards. Follow with quartzy and Oded the status of the order. When the order arrives, complete details in Quartzy and give the delivery note to Oded, and tell everyone where the material went (via slack ?).

Orders are placed in www.quartzy.com, Oded is taking orders from there.

Contact person

- Oded, Sprechstunden:: Friday 10-11h, at his desk

Place an order in quartzy


  • Ask Oded for access once you have an account.

Note on urgency.

- Do not put the urgency tag, unless you need in the the next two weeks. - Try to plan ahead so you do not need to use the urgency tag.

Follow order

The order process in HU is complex and not always well automated. The HU personal has too much work, they make sometimes mistakes, and sometimes forget about one specific order. If you want/need to contact the HU, go to Oded first (It is easier for everybody if the people talking together know each other).

HU contact (last resort): https://fakultaeten.hu-berlin.de/de/lewi/fakultaet/verwal/ansprehp/hup

On Quartzy:

- Oded label them as ordered when the order went to the company

- The PO number will give info: PRxxx: order placed in SAP. xxxxxxxx: order made in SAP

no number (forgotten or ordered directly to the company)

- In case it is not in the ordered section, different thing may have happened, you need to talk with Oded.

In SAP (only Oded has access)

- Orders made on the university system by Oded, you do not have access to that.

- Oded is checking orders nearly daily.

- SAP: start with "PR" means that it is not fully approved.

- Oded is usually adding the number on quartzy (see above)

Things have arrived !

- bring delivery note to Oded