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What is open access

Several funders require an open access version of your papers. This means the authors must retain the copyright and the manuscript should be provided with a CC-BY license (other licenses are usually not recognised). IT IS NOT SUFFICIENT TO HAVE A FREE TO READ VERSION of the paper.

- Gold/diamond route: You can choose a open access publishers for your publication. One speaks of gold open access if you (or the institution) pays an article processing charge, and diamond if the costs are covered by the publisher himself and the journal is free to publish and free to read.

- Green route: You can publish a version of the manuscript in a repository. What version may be published may depend on the publisher and whether the embargo period is over. Preprints are usually considered as a green open access version of the paper, you may want to update it at each submission to a closed access journal.

You may also want to check, and to check what papers needs to be set public.

How to green route:

- Get the latest manuscript allowed to be published (often the last file sent to the publisher, i.e. a word file, this means after peer review but before proofreading.)

- If it was funded by a European fund (H2020/ERC to ML is in the aknowledgement), upload it via EPMC:

- If not, upload it to or the university repository: (you will need to reenter all authors name and affiliations, so this will take longer)