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We are to improve this a bit by bit, both in terms of amount of content, and quality of content.

Please help us improve the on-boarding process by sharing missing or incorrect information on lab's #general slack channel.

Find the most recent onboarding information in the Larkum Lab Google Drive.


  • Register with as member of the lab
    • Serenella
  • Transponder (key)
    • Oded
  • Laboratory safety instructions
    • Oded
  • Larkumlab Slack
    • Anyone existing lab member can create an add for you, and Slack admins (Oded, Matthew or Hatem) automatically receive a notification and would approve the request.
  • Desk space
    • Matthew/Robert

Approvals for working with animals

  • By default you DO NOT have permission to touch an animal, or a slice of an animal
  • To work wit animals you must
    • have a Felasa B certificate
      • To apply for one:
        • Get your supervisor approval, he should check with Matthew
        • Ask Oded to sign-up
    • By added, and wait for approval to be added, onto an animal protocol
      • You can only work on protocols you are approved
      • Protocols category are either T-Protocol (Terminal) or G-Protocols
        • T protocols:
          • Only slicing, no prior injection, no prior training, no nothing. First interaction with a mouse is the last one.
          • Currently, they are reviewed, rejected or approved internally by Charite
          • Ask the animal-protocol handling person to add you
            • Current responsible person: Lukas
        • G protocols
          • For handling mice, surgeries and training
          • G protocols are quite restrictive:
            • Each protocol has subprotocols
            • Each subprotocol has only certain procedures, drugs and animal lines approved on them
          • You can get add to G-protocol (and automatically approved on all its subprotocols) *but* you might only get approved for certain procedures of that protocol, not all the allowed procedures.
          • Applying for new G protocols or current protocols amendments are reviewed, rejected or approved by LAGeSo
          • NEVER perform a procedure that is not approved on your protocol
          • Ask the animal-protocol handling person to add you
            • Current responsible person: Lukas
        • For all the protocols, we have to submit to the authorities (in March) a report about our animal and drugs usage.
          • Therefore, it's of utmost importance to keep our animal record correct and up-to-date
  • Access to the animal faculties
    • Consult your supervisor first
    • CCO Animal Facility access Dr. Vet. Claudia Abramjuk.
    • AOCF Facility access Melissa Long: melissa.long@charite.de
  • For ordering animals and checking on the current animals status we use Pyrat:
    • Pyrat account Oded/Lukas/Narda/Robert
      • (when you have Felasa, and are on our protocols, we write to Roland Schonebeck and he adds people to Pyrat)
    • Ask a lab member to show you how to use it


  • Humboldt Email account:
    • Oded / Serenella
  • Wired Internet connection
    • Oded
    • Get the form from
      • https://neurocure.de/files/neurocure/PDFs/Welcome%20Service/Netzwerk-Anmeldung_Fremdgeraet.pdf
  • Larkumlab mailing list
    • Oded


Start from Ordering Q&A


  • First consult your supervisor
  • Add orders to QUARTZY,
  • Check with your supervisor about approved orders. 
  • Check for updates on Quartzy_order_update page

More on-boarding steps:

- https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1l-kXgbeEIQSz_Z7iFfyX-4nNEBFYtb2O