Leaving the Lab

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Administrative matters

Office key and chip card

Please leave your office key (and any other key you might have borrowed) as well as the chipcard

at the lab assistance.

Please clean your working desk/office space for the next person who will use it.

You also have to give back PCs, Laptops etc. if your contract ended.

Coordinate your accounts

With your departure from our lab and the University, your cms-account (i.e., your HU-berlin email address) as well as your geo-berlin account will expire . Yet, for several reasons you may want to keep one of the two accounts (or both), for example when you plan to continue working on our servers, then please consult first the head of your Lab, then the IT Administrator.

Register as "arbeitssuchend" (optional)

In case your next job is not starting right away, and if you worked on a regular working contract (i.e., contrary to a fellowship), you have paid over the years for a personal unemployment insurance. This may now come in handy, when your next job is not lining up perfectly to your lab departure and you need to bridge a few months during which you are not formally employed by the University.

Already three months prior to the end of your contract, you have to register as job searching (arbeitssuchend) with your local Arbeitsagentur. This will ensure that you receive unemployment money once your contract officially ends - for up to 12 months you may receive financial support by the Arbeitsagentur. Of course, several restrictions apply and the application process can be rather bureaucratic.

Data of accepted papers

Most of the time during your stay with us, you have been working on your specific paper(s), and now you are off to new papers, projects and positions. Yet, you have probably created new datasets and/or painfully collected data from other collaborators. In many cases, these data will be used by other people in the lab or our collaborators. We have provided a detailed description in the writing section, but here are the most important points to consider in telegram form.

  1. PDF of the manuscript
  2. Excel file containing the predictors used to run the models, statistical tests…
  3. Final script(s) with the necessary comments to understand it
  4. Raw data that is not reproducible (e.g., field data)
  5. Final map(s) and figure(s) (high resolution, i.e., 600 dpi)
  6. README file explaining the files in the folder

Data clean-up

During your time with us, you have created and processed large amounts of data - and in many cases there is a substantial chance that you will continue working with parts of the data (e.g., when a paper is still under review while you are moving towards your new job). Yet, at the same time, we will need you to properly clean up the shared drives on the SAN and also indicate - beyond the data of your accepted papers - which of your data are primary data and/or which of the data you have received from external collaborators.