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  1. torproject.org
    1. torproject.org: The Legal FAQ for Tor Relay Operators
      1. "Has anyone ever been sued or prosecuted for running Tor?"
        1. "No, we aren't aware of anyone being sued or prosecuted in the United States just for running a Tor relay. Further, we believe that running a Tor relay — including an exit relay that allows people to anonymously send and receive traffic — is legal under U.S. law."
    2. blog.torproject.org: Tor Exit Nodes in Libraries - Pilot (phase one)
  2. eff.org (Electronic Frontier Foundation)
    1. eff.org: Tor on Campus
    2. eff.org: Tor on Campus, Part I: It’s Been Done Before and Should Happen Again
    3. eff.org: Tor on Campus, Part II: Icebreakers and Risk Mitigation Strategies
  3. youtube.com (Channel: CCCen: Chaos Communication Club english)
    1. youtube.com: State of the Onion (2. Haelfte sehr zu empfehlen)