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Stable ID English German French MET-Nr. Comments
OBJ_00009 (anderer)
OBJ_00100 Ostrakon
OBJ_00200 Papyrus
OBJ_00240 Papyrus, Amulett
OBJ_00210 Papyrus, Blatt
OBJ_00220 Papyrus, Kodex
OBJ_00230 Papyrus, Rolle
OBJ_00300 Pergament
OBJ_00310 Pergament, Blatt
OBJ_00320 Pergament, Kodex
OBJ_00330 Pergament, Rolle
OBJ_00400 Leder
OBJ_00500 Papier
OBJ_00600 Palmrippe
OBJ_00700 Tafel / Täfelchen
OBJ_00810 Mumienbinde
OBJ_00910 Holzsplitter
OBJ_01000 Artefakt
OBJ_01001 Artefakt, Gefäßhals
OBJ_01002 Artefakt, Gemme



Further, unpublished lists from the Thesaurus Linguae Aegyptia and Berliner Papyrusdatenbank.