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Positive polarity

A positive clause bears no sign of negation:

  • I like apples.
  • We climbed a mountain.
  • She will return next Sunday.

Positive or neutral questions will also be tagged as positive:

  • Do you like coffee?
  • Can we leave now?

We will tag bipolar questions also as positive, but may add the keyword BIPOLAR:

  • Do you like coffee or not?

Negative polarity

Clauses will be tagged as negative whenever there is a clausal negation or a negative article or quantifier:

  • She didn't call.
  • We won't come.
  • Nobody saw them.
  • They were nowhere to be seen.

Questions can also be negative:

  • Didn't you see the car?
  • Isn't there a vegetarian restaurant in this area?

Positive clauses embedded under negative matrix clauses should receive the keyword NEGMAT.