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Locations of the project languages

This wiki is a developing collection of interpretations and contexts that need to be differentiated in definitions of TAMP markers of the seven project languages from Vanuatu and Papua New Guinea. It also contains information on the various languages and corpora we are working on.


Main categories

The superordinate categories we investigate are the following:

Other categories and phenomena

We are also interested in:




Task list

Here is a description of the various steps we need to take to reach our goals. Task list


The following sites collect information on the languages and associated corpora we are working with:


The following sites collect data-related information, i.e., data collection, processing and management information:

Elicitation materials

Based on the gaps in the corpora that we have diagnosed during the first rounds of tagging, we select and create certain elicitation materials to help us generate new relevant recordings during fieldwork. These are documented on the page about Elicitation materials.

Points for discussion


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