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In addition to the corpus data we investigate, we also design and use elicitation materials to generate texts containing contexts that are not frequent enough to be reliably attested in the corpus data. We primarily use storyboards as method of elicitations since they provide rich contexts and do not rely much on translation.

MelaTAMP storyboards

The storyboards are written in Bislama and the setting is clearly Melanesia. We have translated them into English as well. They were created in Inkscape, in SVG format and in LaTeX. We will make the source files available in due course so they can be modified, expanded and adjusted as needed.

The storyboards produced so far are available from Zenodo. They are published under a cc by 4.0 license.

Totem Field Storyboards

We translated several stories from the TSF site into Bislama. Please use the citations included below:

Social Cognition