Filmmaking in Sudan (2000-2015): Aspirations and motivations of Sudanese filmmakers working in challenging political and economic contexts

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Rhea Schmitt


SoSe 2017


When thinking of filmmaking in African contexts most people would recall the Nollywood phenomenon while Sudan is almost a blank spot on the regional chart of cinematics. With very little scholarly literature at hand, I thus chose to write a prosopography to learn what filmmakers in Sudan today consider relevant for their work and how they deal with the complex challenges of their profession.

In 2015/16, I conducted four months of research in Khartoum, interviewing 29 male and 5 female filmmakers from different generations who are active in all sectors from TV documentaries over advertising to feature films. Interviews were conducted in English, Arabic and French. Through the kind support of an interview partner I got access to unpublished masters and doctoral theses from Sudanese academics. Most of the relevant research literature has been authored by African scholars.

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