Aus Kognitive Robotik

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Using a game engine as a simulator for AI and robotics experiments is essentially becoming established as a canonical method right now, coming in two flavors:

  • Simulation of robot physics and perception using the game engine: Blender / MORSE, Unreal [1], Doom / Quake, Ogre3D, crrcsim, torcs, Minetest
  • Using the game itself on top of its own engine as an exploration and learning challenge: OpenAI gym [2], CommAI env [3], Minecraft-based Malmo [4], MazeBase [5].

Minihistory [6]

We've done this with the crrcsim flight simulator [7], it has been done with the torcs car racing simulator [8], [9], Deepmind [10] used an Atari emulator for their end-to-end Reinforcement Learning [11] work (which by now has evolved in OpenAI's gym, Microsoft announced 03/2016 to push the use of Minecraft towards AI research [12], [13], etc

Open alternatives: Minetest [14], [15] or Ogre3D [16] and not to forget long-standing use of doom/quake in art/science context.

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